1. About Us

About Us

Hello dear user, how are you?

Hi About Us page. Good to be here. So, please tell me more about you.

Sure. We are a site with vision. Our noble goal is to help fans engage with their sport. We love fans. We turn on fans. Our life revolves around fans. The very air we breathe is circulated by fans. We put fans on a pedestal…

Ok, ok. Stop going round and round. You love fans. Is that it?

Yes. We feel Indian fans get a lot of opportunities to view sport, but not many options to engage with it. So, we are a place where fans play and become stars. In fact, that’s why we call ourselves Fandromeda. A galaxy of fans.

Wow. That’s astronomically bad word play. But putting that aside, isn’t this just yet another Fantasy cricket game?

Yet another? YET ANOTHER? What do you mean, yet another? We are the ultimate fantasy game in India. Where else can you play daily games as well as tournament mode? Where else can you play paid games if you want, or just play free? Which other site rewards you with coins for playing free games? Can you find a site where you can form Fan Gangs and play with your friends year-round? Yet another fantasy cricket game?

Okay, okay. Calm down. You do seem to be pretty different from other sites.

Of course, we are. We are like this because we want to be like this. We believe that winning cash prizes is a great reason to play fantasy sports, but it is not the only reason. Fantasy is fun because it doubles the excitement of watching a match.

Instead of just focussing on simple, paid games, we have created an awesome experience. Our squad rules, points system, are all the result of tons of data analysis. Even the way you create and manage your squad has been carefully crafted so that you that it combines being playful with being powerful.

Doesn’t all this make the game complicated?

Nah! It just seems that way. Try our interface once, and you’ll never be able to play elsewhere. The main point of being sophisticated is that the user should find it intuitive and easy.

Our game is so much fun, that big companies like Infosys and MakeMyTrip conduct official leagues on Fandromeda. And brands like Pepsi and CEAT run contests for their consumers. You can call us India’s unofficial official Fantasy League.

You make a compelling case, Fandromeda. You seem to be a great fantasy cricket site. But at the end of it, isn’t that all what you are?

Yeah, right now we are mostly about Fantasy cricket. But we also offer Fantasy Football. And have also offered Kabaddi, Wrestling and even Olympics fantasy on Fandromeda.

And there’s much more to come. As we said earlier, we see ourselves as a sports engagement site. So, we plan to expand not just to other sports like Tennis & F1, but also other games like quizzes & predictors.

Soon, through a match, you’ll have one eye fixed on your TV and another eye fixed on Fandromeda.

I see. So, what made you get into this?

Well, our company, TenTenTen started in 2011. We used to create big digital assets for big brands like Pepsi, MakeMyTrip, Star TV & Nivea. In the course of which we also created the Official IPL Fantasy League and the Official ICC World Cup Fantasy League. These games were so cool and so successful that we thought, “Hey! Why not create our own brand.” And here we are.

Oh! What did you do for Pepsi?

You can see all that here. But, really? Don’t you think you have spent enough time in an About Us page? Go on, get back to the game and create your squad. We’re sure you’ll have a great time on Fandromeda. And yes. Happy to have you here.